Visita to the Gramona winery: Vineyards of Penedès

The Penedès region is a synonym for wine. It’s a land of vineyards and wineries, of Cava and Corpinnat, of still wines and sparkling wines. It’s a land of traditional viticulture and of rooted, pruned, and harvested history. It’s a fruitful land, longly fermented and carefully bottled to dress up our tables. The Penedès is […]

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In winter, get warmed up from the inside!

There’s a lot we Catalan people may be bad at, but we certainly do know how to eat well. And now that winter’s here, we’ve got many typical Catalan dishes that will stick to our ribs to help us withstand the cold. Each region has its traditional winter recipes, without forgetting some very international classic […]

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