Ecotour: what is it and why choose ecotourism?

Everyone likes to go for a getaway to the nature and do outdoor activities. Particularly now when the pandemic has pushed us towards destination in open and non-crowded places. However, there’s no need to be a genius to realise that, if we don’t travel responsibly, these dream sites’ days are numbered. And here’s where the concepts of ecotourism and ecotour become important: tourism models which are respectful towards […]

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Catalan culture: Romanesque heritage in Berguedà

Regardless of the debate on whether there is a “Catalan Romanesque” which is different of the Romanesque in the rest of Europe or not –and I’ll stay out this because I lack the knowledge–, it’s clear that Romanesque art is a very important element in Catalan culture nowadays. Whether the Romanesque in Catalunya has a […]

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