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Into the Universe!


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This activity starts with a session in the digital planetarium that will take us… into the Universe! We’ll discover the formation and evolution process of the stars, and we’ll see how the elements that constitute matter and life are formed into them! We’ll also see different objects: nebulae, open/globular clusters, galaxies and many more.

Later, we’ll do an observation session with telescopes, meaning we’ll have the opportunity to see this objects live, and to discover different objects that lay hidden in the deep sky’s intimacy. The observation is complemented with explanations that help consolidate some of the concepts transmitted during the session in the planetarium.

Finally, science will give some space for mithology. While enjoying the spectacle of the night, we’ll finish the activity with a constellation recognition session (with a laser), and telling some of ther mythological legends.

Suitable for all ages. It is adapted in form and contents according to each group’s requirements.


  • Telescopic observation, planetarium, astronomy, stars, constellations.

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