Pedratour is a young, dynamic and cheerful team, yet we have a carreer, experience and specialization into different departments: reception, emisson, holidays, and company and incentive trips. We are well aware the human factor is fundamental to achieve excellence and to keep our clients fully satisfied.

One of our principles is constant renovation, anticipating the needs and preferences of our clients, both private and corporate. We are wholesalers and retailers, and we are associated to the group of agencies Dit Gestión.

  • We love the territory and we know it well.
  • We show the best version of everything, specially of ourselves.
  • We are eager to explore the world with our fellow travelers.
  • Wherever we go, we learn.
  • We live and share experiences.
  • We love to make people happy.

Pedratour’s principles are those of a team of people who are in love with the land and commited to it:

  • Sustainability: we are 100% committed to sustainable touristic development. For the plantet, for the land, for the minimal alteration of the environment by the visitors impact.
  • Integrity: moral integrity, rectitude and honesty are basic principles of the project.
  • Quality: we work for our products and services to satisfy the needs ans expectations of all visitors.
  • Innovation: we constantly develop new products and services in order to guarantee positive experiences in our land.
  • Constructive spirit: we always keep a positive, optimistic and creative attitude, and we try to instill it in our visitors.