Snowshoe routes

Hey! Winter has come! It’s time to take advantage of the fact that –for now– it still snows in this country and leap to do activities in the snow! Well, it’s true that this year everything is a bit more complicated, but, with some luck, we’ll have time to enjoy what this season brings us. Furthermore, since we cannot use the off season to travel to other countries, we better make the most of what we’ve got right home.

Skiing is the typical winter sport but –even if a 1-day getaway to the ski resort is quite within reach– not everyone can or wants to afford it. Moreover, skiing has a big handicap: if you are a newbie, there’s little you can do in a single day. And, on top of that, on this particular year things don’t look well at the slopes. So, I thought it might be appropriate to bring up an alternative.


Snowshoes are a fabulous invention. And, now more than ever, they present themselves as the most affordable and safe snow activity –though you can always throw yourself down any slope on a sledge, or on a piece of cardboard, who cares. So, what’s the thing about snowshoeing? Well, first of all, it’s cheap. Secondly, you don’t need much practice to go on a route. Even if you’re as clumsy as I am and you end up walking like a dizzy duck, that’s not an impairment to go for a walk –and the risk to come a cropper is negligible, something you cannot say when starting skiing. Also, having in mind all that pandemic issue, going snowshoeing exposes yourself quite less to crowds, thus lowering the risk of having a stranger coughing to your face. And, finally, it’s a winter activity that allows great contact with nature. Basically, it’s pretty much like hiking with a pair of plastic slices under your feet –and it’s real fun.

In Pedratour, we have different offers to go snowshoeing, including a guide and the equipment. From an initiation activity to a route fit for disabled people. And, while we’re at it, we temp you with a night ramble, right in the middle of nature, to watch the stars, the snow’s glitter under the moonlight and, with a bit of luck, some shy little animal.

Yeah, I know, there’s little chance we can do anything on this Christmas holiday. But here I leave you the proposal. Thus, as soon as they let us travel around, you’ll have an idea to enjoy the winter safely and inexpensively. Jus think there’s nothing better as putting the snowshoes on and go crick-cracking around snowy landscapes while burning down the Christmas meals. Stay positive, we still have three months of Winter ahead of us! Time enough to do a lot of things!

We’ll be waiting for you!