Escalada en roca

Do you like trying new things? You’ve always wanted to climb, but never knew how to start? Have you grown tired of the climbing centre and the boulder? Whatever the case, we have the perfect activity for you! We invite you to get started in rock-climbing with Pedratour: on April 3 and 4, to end your Lent vacation, we offer you a rock-climbing formation. An expert guide will tell you everything you need to know to start practising this sport and teach you the basic rock-climbing technique. The course lasts for 2 very complete days, with a lot of practice! And if the dates don’t suit you, it’s fine, we offer the climbing initiation course on demand!

On the first day, there will be an introduction to climbing and to the specific equipment, and you’ll work on the safety guidelines for sport climbing as well as for long routes. You’ll also try climbing as second climber and practice the techniques and strategies you may use when climbing.

Curs d'escalada en roca

On the second day, the guide will show you how it is to climb as leader –meaning you’ll be able to see what the leading climber must do. You’ll also be taught the basic manoeuvres at the wall’s base and the anchoring techniques. And, one of the most important things, you’ll learn how to leave a route. What are your options, if you need to get out of a route right in the middle of it, or if something goes wrong? That’s something one needs to know, before trying climbing on their own, don’t you think?

Curs d'escalada en roca

Enrol our rock-climbing formation and use this opportunity to learn the basic climbing techniques from a professional and seasoned guide. Besides a very exiting and fun weekend, you’ll get essential learning to progress in this sport. You can’t miss it!

Furthermore, the course will take place in Berga, at the Mercadal Needles. The Mercadals area is a fantastic place with amazing scenery. The Mercadals are two rocky formations, not too high, but strongly vertical, which hold many climbing routes of different levels. The scenery is marvellous, with views on the Baix Berguedà plain and a magnificent lateral view of the Queralt Sierra. It’s an exceptional spot to learn climbing on rock, even if it’s not as famous as Montserrat!

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend a great weekend of adventure in a charming landscape and learning from the best! Harnesses, ropes, action!