Volar en globus al Berguedà

Since time immemorial, flying has been one of the great ambitions of humanity. Everyone has dreamed, at least once, about flying, gliding through the air, seeing the world with a bird’s eye. Now you can make that dream come true! Enjoy the unforgettable experience of a balloon ride over Berguedà! You will admire this lovely and heterogeneous region from the air in what will doubtlessly be a memorable adventure!

Make yourself comfortable in the gondola and let the breeze take you discover awesome landscapes! For about one hour and a quarter, the pilot and the air currents will gently take you for a magical altitude tour. But the experience Pedratour offers you is much more complete! We invite you to take part in the balloon set up and inflation, so you don’t miss anything of the preparations required for the journey you’re about to undertake. And, to keep you from going hungry, we give you a welcome pack with tarts, water, and fruit juice. We don’t want anyone starving. Besides the balloon ride itself, you’ll experience first-hand the emotion of takeoff and landing. After landing, we’ll be picked-up by the Kon-Tiki four-wheel drive, which will have been following us fromVol romàntic en globus below for the whole adventure, and it will take us back to the starting point. There, we’ll give you your flight certificate and the pictures of the experience –because the activity includes a photographic report as well, to make sure you never forget any detail. To end with a good taste in our mouths, we’ll toast with cava to round off the day –we would have loved to add the bottle to the welcome pack, but for safety reasons it seemed wiser to leave the alcohol for whenever we were on solid ground.

What with one thing and another, the activity will be over 3 and a half hours long, but I can assure they will fly by. Riding a balloon is a unique experience that will be forever etched on your memory, and many of you will be wanting to repeat it. You can fly at any time of  year, but we have organised a shared flight on April 10. Join us, you won’t regret it! Moreover, for nobody to be left on land, we have accessible gondolas for people with reduced mobility. So, you know… All aboard, we’re taking off!