Puenting amb Pedratour a Saldes

¿Are you one of those who travel the world collecting intense experiences? Are you looking to get drunk on adrenaline? Would you like to feel an electrifying emotion running through every muscle of your body and, after that, bubble over with endorphins? Do you want to taste the magic of an extreme sensation? ¡Come bungee jumping with Pedratour!

From the previous days’ emotion and nerves to the jump’s ecstasy and the following catharsis, bungee jumping is much more than just an adventure sport, it is a unique, intense, vibrating experience. Pedratour accompanies you on this experience, providing with the technical equipment, the insurance, and the relief of knowing you’re in expert hands.

And what are we going to do? Well, we’ll jump into the void. We’ll experience a free fall, see the ground getting closer and closer with great speed, and… gently oscillate until the energy of the fall is dissipated. The bungee jump consists in a pendulum: the rope will be firmly anchored to one side of the bridge, and we’ll jump from the other one, thus describing a curve in our fall. Despite what it may seem, the risk is virtually none: for that we grant the appropriate equipment in proper conditions, and the company of a specialized guide. Regarding technical requirements, they are minimalBungee jumping amb Pedratour a SaldesPuenting con Pedratour for the jumper: the only difficulty lays in the decision of jumping into the void, then it’s pure adrenaline. And the fear vanishes after the first jump; the real enjoyment starts with the second one. Hence, it’s highly recommended to take a second jump, just to try it after overcoming the initial insecurity. What do you think?

If you ever want to live this brief, yet extremely intense experience, Pedratour will provide with everything you need. Except for the courage to take the leap, that’s on you! But you’ll see it’s worth it. The seconds of fall will be the longest of your life, but the following feeling cannot compare to anything. You can book the bungee jumping activity for a day of your choice, or join one of our programmed sessions: the next ones will be on April 17 and 18, in Saldes. Don’t think it twice and jump for it, it’s awesome! Do you dare?