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Animal tracks identification


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Forest animals are hard to see because of their shy and elusive character, but they usually leave tracks showing their presence. These tracks are an open book because of the amount of information they provide; it’s only a matter of reading them correctly.

An initial presentation will introduce us to the wolrd of animal tracks. We’ll get to know what a track is, the types of animal tracks, and what we should pay attention to in order to indentify them. Then, using a dichotomous key, we’ll learn how to tell apart and classify different tracks.

We will take a field trip to bring into practice, on the field, everything we learned. We also will take advantage of the opporunity to make a mould from a fresh footprint.

This is an ideal activity for these people who want to make the most of their field trips.


  • Animal tracks, observation, field trip, Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park.

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