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Let’s analyze the river water


2 hours

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We’ll analyze the water quality of a stream based on its macroinvertebrates community (bioindicators).

We’ll start with a presentation in which we’ll talk about the importance of water quality for the fauna living in it. We’ll find out what a bioindicator is and how we can use them to obtain information about the state of the water of a fluvial ecosystem.

During the field work, we’ll visit a river and do a descriptive study of the area, measure some biotic and abiotic variables, and look for macroinvertebrates until we have gathered a representative sample of its community.

Then, we’ll classify the organisms we’ve found, and discover some of their characteristics. Finally, we’ll determine the water quality of the fluvial ecosystem.

The activity is suitable for all ages (particularly over 10). The contents can be adapted regarding the educational requirements.


  • Environmental education, water analysis, invertebrate observation.

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