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Stories and legends of the deep Pyrenees


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The “Benaventurat de les muntanyes” (literally, The Blessed One of the mountains) is a misterious and quixotic character who has spent half his life travelling around the Pyrenees looking for the most fantastical of all the sotries told in the Pyrenees.

There’s so many of them, and all of them so extraordinary, that it’s been impossible to choose the most authenctic one. Maybe you could help him, he’s willing to share them all with you.

From real stories of old miners to legends speaking of mythical beings living… Deep in the nature, into the darkness of the most bushy shades, and which can only be found on Midsummer’s Eve, under the leave of St. John’s wort.


  • Benaventurat de la muntanya, Blessed One of the mountains, Pyrenees, stories, legends.

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