As you already know, Pedratour is deeply committed to inclusive tourism. Therefore, in April we bring you a new edition of our 5 Senses Stay, an inclusive and multisensory experience where everyone has place!

Turisme inclusiu Joëlette

The 5 senses Stay is a 3-day (2 nights) getaway to Saldes, on the side of Pedraforca, during which you’ll engage in many outdoor activities to experience nature with all your senses! Because nature can be enjoyed in many different ways! The stay is specially designed to put this amazing environment within the reach of disabled people, but everyone can enjoy it! Hiking, gastronomic products tasting, flora, fauna and geology workshops… Who could not relish that? From April 2 to 4, Pedratour offers you a set of activities to discover this area. And we provide with a highly qualified guide, Joëlette chair, directional bar, sign language interpreter, tactile materials… Whatever it takes so that no one misses anything of this amazing Natural Park!


The activities will be adapted to the needs and specific requirements of the group, but it’s all about working on different aspects of the environment by associating an object of study to each sense. For this, we’ll use different materials that allow everybody to enjoy the experience, in the context of hiking routes through the Pedraforca’s surroundings. Our base camp will be in Saldes, where we’ll be accommodated.

Experiència inclusiva i multisensorial Estada 5 sentits

Thus, on the first day we’ll arrive in the lodging and, once accommodated, we’ll go for a reconnaissance tour through the town of Saldes. In the afternoon, we’ll go for another stroll, maybe through the town’s surroundings or maybe to Vallcebre and the mines. On the second day, we’ll go for a whole-day route, probably around the Pedraforca’s side. For lunch, we’ll drop by the Lluís Estasen mountain refuge –which lays in a lovely place right bellow the twin peaks of the Pedraforca– for a nice mountain rice. On the third day, we’ll go for an outing in the morning, probably skirting the river down to Gresolet Valley.


Experiència inclusiva i multisensorial amb barra direccional

During these routes, we’ll be doing the workshops to discover and interpret our environment through different senses. We will stop once in a while to touch and smell the plants we find in Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, and thus learn to recognize them. We’ll work a lot on medicinal herbs, since the legacy of the trementinaries and their remedies is very important in the valleys of Pedraforca. You’ll surely learn a lot of new things!

Sounds will also accompany us on our hikes: the murmur of the streams, the singing of the birds, the wind rustling through the leaves… We’ll pay special attention to the sounds of wildlife –particularly birds– and we’ll tell you a lot about it. Would you recognize a robin’s song? And what about a blackbird’s? However, wildlife is not only to be heard: you can see it, touch it, smell it. Therefore, we’ll bring along some bones, skins, feathers… A lot of materials that will help us feel close the animals that live with us in these lands.

Turisme inclusiu Joëlette

Yet territory can be tasted, too! Plant and animal products we can find at our tables, but they have its origin right here, in the environment we are discovering. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit by a gorge, close to the song and the caress of water, for a local product tasting? We have many of them, and they’re delicious!

And we cannot forget the land itself! Along our trails, we’ll find some geological singularities –there are many of them in Cadí-Moixeró–, and let’s keep in mind that this was a mining land, and that it holds some palaeontological sites of international importance. Hence, we’ll work on the area’s geology as well, with rocks and minerals that we’ll touch and learn to identify.

Having experienced some singular aspects of this natural environment with a proximity we are not used to, we can also take a step back and look at it at a larger scale. During our hikes, and by climbing to a summit or a viewpoint, we will obviously work on the landscape –which is breathtaking. For people with visual impairment, we’ll always bring along high-relief maps and panoramic photographs showing the topography, towns, and highways in high relief.


A unique and integrative experience which allows to fully enjoy nature by different means. A way of discovering the territory by means we aren’t used to, and with other people, without barriers to enjoyment or to the lovely feeling of perceiving the natural environment. Dive into this inclusive and multisensory experience and be one with the nature. It’s magic.