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Cathar’s Trail, Full Route


10 dies and 9 nights

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Daily Tour

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8 people




The Cathar’s Trail is a unique route crossing the Pyrenees, which was used by the mythical Catharian community on their flight from the Inquisition. The trail leaves from Foix (France) and ends in Berga, although we give you the option to do it in the opposite direction as well.

One of the most emblematic trails for hiking in Catalunya!

During this journey, you will be combining long and hard stages with lighter ones, while enjoying spectacular views and culture all along your way.  This is a unique opportunity to enjoy a week of pure nature and adventure!

If you want to have an individual room, feel free to call us at 938215111 or email us at


  • Cathars, history, Berga, Foix, Montségur, Pedraforca.


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Stage 0: Foix
Stage 0: Foix

Arrival in Foix by your own means (you can get there by train or by car). Dinner and accomodation. We suggest you visit the Castle and take a walk around the Old Town, you won't be disappointed!

Stage 1: Montségur - Comús
Stage 1: Montségur - Comús

At the agreed time, transfer from Foix to Montségur, where we will start our way.

Distance: 14 km.
From Montségur, we will ascend to Coll de Liam. Therefrom, we will walk on the left side of the Rivels' Torrent to Pélail, where we'll start the ascent towards Gorges de la Frau. A road about 3 km long will take us then to Comús.
Accomodation in Comús on a Half-Board basis.

Stage 2: Comús - Ascou
Stage 2: Comús - Ascou

Distance: 25 km.
Breakfast. We'll be leaving Comus towards Montaillou and Coll de Balaguès, passing through the village of Prades. From the town of Coll de Balaguès we will go to Chioula and Coll d'Ijou, wherefrom we will descend to Sorgeat and then go on until we reach Ascou.
Accomodation in Ascou on Half-Board.

Stage 3: Ascou - Mérens-Les-Vals
Stage 3: Ascou - Mérens-Les-Vals

Distance: 20 km.
Breakfast. We'll leave Ascou heading towards Orgeix and then climb to Coll de Joux. Therefrom, we'll descend to the huts of Coual to reach, after them, Mérens.
Accomodation in Mérens-les-Vals on Half-Board.

Stage 4: Mérens-les-Vals – Porta
Stage 4: Mérens-les-Vals – Porta

Distance: 21,5 km.
Breakfast. From Mérens-Les-Vals, passing next to the amaizing mountain shelter of Les Bésines, we'll get to l'Hospitalet. Then we'll ascend to the Col de Puymorens mountain pass, wherefrom we'll go down to Porta.
Accomodation in Porta on a Half-Board basis.

Stage 5: Porta – Prullans de Cerdanya
Stage 5: Porta – Prullans de Cerdanya

Distance: 35,5 km.
We leave Porta towards the Campcardós Cabin and therefrom the trail takes us to the Coll de la Portella mountain pass, the highest point of the route. Once we've crossed the pass, we will descend to the Esparvers Cabin and then continue to a country house named Cal Jan de la Llosa. We will keep following the path, passing through Coborriu de la Llosa, until we reach Prullans de Cerdanya.
(Transfer service from El Vilar to Prullans de Cerdanya, shortening the stage by 10 km).
Accomodation in Prullans de Cerdanya on Half-Board.

Stage 6: Prullans de Cerdanya – Bagà
Stage 6: Prullans de Cerdanya – Bagà

Distance: 29 km.
We leave Prullans de Cerdanya heading towards Coborriu. Therefrom, we can get to the Cortals de l'Ingla mountain shelter following the GR-107 on the Ingla Road –which is mandatory for horses or BTT. However, on foot we can also use the shortcut GR-107.4, which follows a small path and goes more directly and faster to Cortals de l'Ingla. From Cortals de l'Ingla we will ascend to Coll de Pendís, wherefrom we'll go down to Bagà.
Accomodation in Bagà on Half-Board.

Stage 7: Bagà – Gósol
Stage 7: Bagà – Gósol

Distance: 26 km.
From Bagà we will ascend to the Coll de la Bena mountain pass and, after that, to Coll de la Bauma. Then, we will go on towards Gósol, passing through Coll de Torn and El Collell.
Accomodation in Gósol on a Half-Board basis.

Stage 8: Gósol – Peguera
Stage 8: Gósol – Peguera

Distance: 21,5 km.
We will leave Gósol heading to Sorribes and l'Espà until we arrive to the Molí de Feners mill. From the mill, we will continue to Coll de Portet following the GR. We will pass by Ferrús and the Font de la Bruixa spring to finally arrive in Peguera.
Accomodation in Peguera on Half-Board.

Stage 9: Peguera – Berga
Stage 9: Peguera – Berga

Distance: 15 km.
From Peguera, we'll make it to Berga passing through Espinalbet and the Queralt Sanctuary, where the Cathars' Trail comes to an end. From Queralt we will descend towards Berga following the PR-C 73 (a path marked with white and yellow marks).
Arrival in Berga and end of the adventure (last night's accommodation is available in the "Extra" section)


  • 9 nights accomodation on a Half-Board basis.
  • Transfer service from Foix to Montségur.
  • Transfer service from El Vilar to Prullans.
  • Road book "El Camí dels Bons Homes" (Cathar's Trail)
  • Route passport (T-shirt, map, tracks, and route card).
  • 24 hours Telephone Assisstance.
  • Anything NOT MENTIONED in the "This package includes" section.
  • Travel and cancellation insurance (available in the "Extra" section).
  • Luggage transport (available in the "Extra" section).

Tour's Location

from €0,00
  • Picnic to take away(€135,00)
  • Luggage transport(€640,00)
  • Travel and cancellation insurance(€68,00)
  • Extra night accomodation in Berga at the end of the route(€54,50)

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